Sophie Livingstone​​
MA, BACP (Snr. Accred.), UKCP, COSRT

Couples or Relationship Therapy

When relationships break down or become difficult it can be enormously painful. Our sense of well-being, competence and happiness are often severely affected.  There are many signs of problems in a relationship:

  • arguments continue without resolution
  • communication breaks down
  • one partner dominates and the other ‘disappears’
  • you no longer have sex, or sex causes problems
  • trust has gone, whether due to infidelity or any other ‘secret’
  • violence erupts, or threatens to
  • depression or other health problems occur or recur

We all enter into relationships carrying our own family and life experiences, values and beliefs, and once the initial stages have passed, we may find we clash more than we expected. Rough patches in any partnership are inevitable, and being able to manage conflict and arguments and accept our partner’s ‘difference’ to ourselves is one of the foundation stones of a good relationship. Therapy can help in many ways:

  • new communication and relationship skills can be learned
  • destructive patterns of relating can be recognized and addressed
  • communication and management of conflict can be improved, so that both partners are heard
  • the impact of each partner’s history, and of change and loss in the couple’s life, can be explored and worked through
  • sexual problems can be worked through
  • the impact of infidelity can be explored, managed and addressed with sensitivity and care

I also work with individuals experiencing sexual problems.  I have specialised training and experience in working with women, men and couples dealing with sexual compulsivity (addiction).  This is a controversial and developing area of therapy.  People struggling with these issues can find it hard to get the right help and I am happy to advise if you think that you, or your partner, may be sexually compulsive.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​